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Favoritism isn’t a new thing in AKB48, there always some girls who get a hard push by management for the reasons that they only know. With curent masal graduation and the generation change ‘issue, those who get push have been claimed as the inheritors. Being in spotlight since the start,even before they get a team, everything seems to be served on  a golden plate, but the truth there are a lot of things to pay from pressure from management, comparison with senpais, until get hatred from AKB48’s fans itself. They need a strong mentalo and work very hard to pass the barrier,in the end those who wish to wear the crown must endure its weigh and take a risk


Shiraishi Mai wore AKB costum in a parody skit of AKB sousenkyo.


ha ha ha now sasshi that is good call right there :3

From sashihara rino’s twitter


Sashi Pride - Head banging.


2014/4/16 #2 Sasshi’s mobile mail

well, it has been 2 years’ mobame, hasn’t it? It’s has been a while

Before, I send just one a day, but, I’ll work hard!

Maybe, all of you think that sashihara’s personality has changed, so you don’t have any expectation about this (*that sending mobile mail…


2013/4/17 #3 sasshi’s mobame

Good morning! Today is senshuuraku!

There were lot of memories, but we should have fun today!

Today’s lunch is cold soba (zarusoba). Seven eleven’s one was good!

Tokyo recently have been whether cold or hot, I don’t know which one (*_*)



2014/4/18 #6 sasshi’s mobame

Good morning!

Feel sleepy

Recently, even though I’ve been sleeping and sleeping, I still feel sleepy(*_*)

Also, because iitomo has ended, I can’t different the day’s in the week, (*_*)(*_*)

I don’t know what day is today’s day(*_*)(*_*)

Today’s I have some of…


2013/4/22 #11 sasshi’s mobame

In location shoot!I

In hotel’s waiting room, somehow it makes me happy~~

Seishun girls!? What’s with that, sounds delicious?** (*_*) Give me time to have rehearse it (laugh) 



**in retoric way, because until now, she has been in lesson via choreo video.


AKB48 - Labrador Retriever (by fujienyan)


Sashihara!! My lovely, beautiful, funny, perfect Sasshi♥

The new HKT-theater portrait of Sasshi♥

and her profile pics chronologically.

The last one was thrown in on a whim (^o^)


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